5th Feel++ User Day 2

The 5th Feel++ User Day 2 page

The first day is already over with an overview of Feel++ changes over the past few months, the infrastructure supporting Feel++ and a discussion on Best Practices.

On Day 2, we start talks about research and collaboration projects.

We start with our oldest partner the LNCMI with The High Field Magnet project aka HiFiMagnet. Christophe Trophime (LNCMI) will present some recent results of our collaboration including first validations with experiments. He will also talk about the expectations about the EU E-INFRA H2020 MSO4SC project.

Next we will have a talk from a CSMI Master Student Artemiy Dimov who will present his work on the collaboration project with the entreprise Socomec. We are interested in simulating the heat transfer within an industrial interruptor. It includes heat transfer, electric potential and fluid mechanics.

We then pursue with an opverview of the EU E-INFRA H2020 MSO4SC project and a presentation by Victor Sande Veiga from CESGA (Spain) regarding the cloud infrastructure of MSO4SC.

In the afternoon we start with a talk on our collaboration with Plastic Omnium Automotive.

Finally we have a tutorial on Salome and mesh generation by Christophe Trophime and Guillaume Dollé.

The full programme and information about the workshop are here.