5th Feel++ User Day 4

The 5th Feel++ User Day 4

The third day is over with very nice presentations by Jean-Baptiste, Guillaume, Romain, and Lorenzo on advanced numerical methods for partial differential equations.

On Day 4, we start with talks by biologist colleagues from Jacky Getz research team regarding our collaboration on the HemoTum++ project. In particular:

  • Jacky Goetz (Inserm U1113) will present Blood flow forces metastatic extravasation,

  • Gauthier Follain (Inserm U1113) will present the tools and processes used by biologist for processing their experimental data.

  • Vincent Chabannes will present the results of the numerical model developed jointly with Jacky’s team

The research findings of these first three presentations are available in our preprint here. Then

  • Thibaut Metivet IRMA/Cemosis(IRMIA) talks about Levelset methods for suspensions.Modelling red blood cells in flow This work which is going to be exploited in HemoTum++.

  • Marcela Szopos (IRMA/Cemosis) will present Multiscale mathematical and computational models for biofluids. Applications to the Eye2Brain project.

  • Frédéric Bertrand (IRMA/Cemosis) talks about Uncertainty Quantification

and finally we have a tutorial on AngioTK by Francois DerHovsepian (IRMA/Cemosis(IRMIA)) and Vincent Chabannes. Francois worked formerly on the Vivabrain project on AngioTK and starts his Phd on the Hemotum++ project funded by IRMIA.

The full programme and information about the workshop are here.


In HemoTum++, the postdoctorate of Thibaut Metivet and Phd of Francois Der Hovsepian is directly funded by the Labex IRMIA.

In Eye2Brain, the Phd thesis of Lorenzo Sala and Philippe Ricka are funded thanks to the Ministry of Research and Higher Education. Moreover MSO4SC our EU E-INFRA H2020 funds the our developments in providing some information unavailable from measurements to ophthalmologists through numerical simulations.