Lorenzo Sala

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About me

I graduated with a MSc in Mathematical Engineering with the Major in Computational Models in Electronics and Biomathematics at Politecnico di Milano in Italy in 2016.

Then I moved to France, in particular to the Université de Strasbourg , and after a period of six months working on the project Eye2Brain I obtained a scholarship for a position as PhD student in Applied Mathematics at the Université de Strasbourg.


  • 2016 - present: PhD in Applied Mathematics at Université de Strasbourg. Thesis: "Mathematical modelling and simulation of ocular blood flows and their interactions" Advisors: C. Prud’homme, G. Guidoboni

  • 2013-2016: MS in Mathematical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Thesis: "A Cellular Scale Model of Aqueous Humour Production" Advisors: R. Sacco, A.G. Mauri, G. Guidoboni.

  • 2010-2013: BS in Mathematical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Final Presentation: "Decision Support System for the design of a ski resort" Advisor: F. Malucelli.