Thibaut Metivet

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Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Strasbourg since July 2017.


I work on the mathematical modelling of biological flows, such as the rheology of flowing red blood cells and the adhesion and arrest of tumor cells in complex geometries. I also develop numerical tools to tackle the high-performance numerical simulations requested in this kind of problems.

As such, I am involved in the Vivabrain ANR and the Hemotum++ projects. These projects provide great frameworks to develop new numerical approaches designed for the complexity of biofluids, and validate these methods with various data from both in vitro and in vivo experiments lead by biologists I closely collaborate with.

APPOINTMENTS AND EDUCATION (in reverse chronological order)

Dates Appointment


Post-doctoral researcher at Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée in Strasbourg


Post-doctoral researcher at Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann and Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique in Grenoble (Saint Martin d’Hères)


PhD in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics at Institut de Recherche sur les lois Fondamentales de l’Univers, CEA Saclay


MASt in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge, UK


Élève-ingénieur at Ecole Centrale Paris


Magistère de Physique Fondamentale, Université Paris-Sud (Paris-Saclay)