Philippe Ricka

Master’s degree in Fundamental Mathematics

Université de Strasbourg

Agrégation in Mathematics

Year 2016

Master’s degree Agrégation

Université de Strasbourg

Internship : planar flowing simulation through an inhomogeneous porous rock

Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg

University degree in Mathematics, Magistère

Université de Strasbourg


Université de Strasbourg

I am starting my PhD Thesis with Pr. C. Prud’homme about mathematical modeling and numerical simulations of cerebral blood flows and their interaction. This topic takes place within the Eye2Brain project and aims to developing a reliable and efficient computational framework allowing computer-aided interpretations of the clinical data. The two main goals are :

  • quantitatively describe the fluid-dynamical and metabolic connections between the eye and the brain,

  • identify the main factors that influence these connections.

My fields of competence are :

  • Fundamental Mathematics

    • Algebraic topology and geometry

    • Algebra, combinatorial

    • Real and complex calculus

    • Functional analysis

    • ODE

    • Probability and Statistics

  • Modeling, numerical analysis

    • MatLab/SciLab

    • GMSH

    • Paraview